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Just How Bad is the Market

The number one question I have been asked for about the last year is, “Just How Bad is this Market?” Any answer needs to be based on where you are on your very personal journey and what your goals and needs are. Most people I talk to fall into one of three general places. The first, I’ll call group “A” those that are losing or selling their home and will be out of the market. Group “B”, would be those getting into the market for the frist time. As for Group “C” they are those who are selling one property and within a short time buying another.

Group “A”

For many who lost jobs or got in a must sell situation, it truely must feel like you’re one of those wildwest buffalos who got caught up in the herd, then unmercifully driven, running full speed over a cliff to their death with no chance or place to escape. There has been a great deal of pain and suffering to many good people who where driven into short sales, foreclosures,, loan modifications and even bankruptcy. My heart truly goes out to them. Continue Reading →

Helping Seniors Move On and Move Out

Where’s my SUNDAY paper?!!” the irate Senior yelled into her phone, demanding to know from the poor soul at the newspaper office, where her Sunday edition was.  “Madam”, calmly came the patient response, “today is Saturday.  The Sunday paper won’t be delivered until tomorrow,  Sunday.”  After a long pause from the confused Senior…..a  mutter could be heard , directed to no one in particular…. Well that explains why nobody was at church.

We love our Seniors but there comes a time when it’s best for them and us to have them move into a….. (never, never use the ‘F’ word here…FACILITY…. but instead )  into a Senior COMMUNITY. Continue Reading →

Mentally Moving Out. It’s Harder Than You Realize

When your circumstances change and it’s time to sell your home, I have found in my work as a Real Estate Broker, the easier part for most home owners is putting up the “For Sale” sign. Then the “real” work begins: in a nutshell, letting go.

My Father died a couple of years ago, leaving my Mother alone in a big house. Logically, it made sense to sell and move Mom closer to one of the relatives. But making sense and mentally accepting the loss of not only my Father, her husband, was soon trumped by processing also the loss of her home. Continue Reading →