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The Art of Negotiating

It is pretty well understood that negotiations play a major part in real estate transactions. However, I have noticed that most understand the goal but few understand the basic principle of the skill. That’s where my experience with a 1929 Chevrolet comes into the picture.

But first, what negotiation is not. It is not parties coming together in a show of their relative strength. This would be more like an auction, each party attempting to out muscle the other. Auctions are effective tool in some real estate deals but in no way, are they to be confused with a negotiation. Negotiation is about the relative weakness of the parties. The art of the negotiation is in determining as soon as possible whose weakness is most pressing. Continue Reading →

“How to Lose 2,000 Pounds”

“How to lose 2,000 pounds,” the title of a presentation I just attended by Katie Munoz founder of “Moving Forward, Inc.”   She is all about making moving on with your life easier. We met with about twenty seniors at the Fairwinds community of Brittany Park in Woodinville Washington.   Twenty people that were enjoying their retirement in the resort like style… but not without having first to deal with downsizing from a lifetime of collecting.

When downsizing day comes, the question becomes “How?”

When we move forward with our lives, we may need to lighten the load a bit, say by about 2,000 pounds.  For example at the Brittany Park community, life is centered around the concept of being active and most importantly social and not tied down by our lifetime of collecting.  Imagine yourself in a  new, high end apartment along with a world of on-site amenities. How much of your “stuff” do you really need? That’s where Katie comes in to turn that “How” into an “Easily Done!” Continue Reading →

“Where you live is as important as what you live in.”

For Mark Behringer, “It’s more than just knowing about the Real Estate.”

Are you looking for a home on the Eastside in Kirkland, Houghton, Woodinville, Redmond or Bellevue? Real Estate Agent, Mark Behringer explains why he loves living, playing and volunteering in the communities he has called home for decades.

If you are thinking about buying on the Eastside of the Greater Seattle area, Mark invites you to consider not only the home itself, but the neighborhood for “Where you live is as important as what you live in.”

If you are selling, Mark is all about helping you “Get Your Ducks in a Row.”