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When looking for a home in Kirkland or Houghton, buyers are guaranteed a better real estate search experience if they understand the neighborhood, house values and mortgage and title basics.

How to Make Your Landlord Rich

How many of you grew up with the “American Dream” of making your landlord rich?

Congratulations! You are a success and will become even more successful with each monthly rent payment!

Now for the rest of you that had a different dream, one of home ownership, you may be wondering, is now a time to buy? Can I afford to buy my own home? Well the short answer is YES and MAYBE.

There is no doubt that NOW is one of the best times in many years to buy. Home values have dropped 20 to 40 percent depending on a home’s price range and location. The government has kept interest rates at record lows–in order to encourage sales. And home selection is the greatest in my memory. Continue Reading →

When Buying a Home PreApproval is Key

When Buying a Home: Pre-Approval is Key

Hey Future Homebuyer! Do you understand the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approval? There is a distinct and important difference.

In our current real estate market is and can be described as a ‘Buyer’s Market’. Just what does that mean?

It simply means that at this time there are many more homes on the market than buyers. Since buyers have multiple choices in making their purchase, sellers are willing to work (negotiate) with buyers to make a deal leading to a sale.

Knowing this a seller can further tilt the scale even more in their favor by getting a letter of ‘Pre-Approved’ from a lender. This shows to all parties that they, the buyer, are for real, willing and ABLE to purchase a home and are not out just for some weekend entertainment and joy ride.

Now this is where I’ve seen quite a bit of confusion. To be ‘Pre-Qualified’ is not the same as to be ‘Pre-Approved”. Not even close. Continue Reading →